Dear Marty and Lauren,
We just picked up Roxy last night and we just wanted to tell you guys how phenomenal you are!

Roxy is using her crate, going potty outside and just socializing so well with our whole family.

She is such a great addition to our family.

We will be spreading the word on how great you all are at Labs of Love !!

Roxys' new parents!!
Dear Marty & Lauren
everything and happy holidays!!!
Please use us in your website and if you ever need anything please let us know!!

Thanks again.
Hi Marty and Lauren,
I just wanted you to know that I could never have imagined how excited our house has been since visiting your
wonderful dogs!  I can't decide who is more excited!! I caught myself thinking about going to the book store to get
a book on puppy training.  It has been a long time.  The kids are picking out names depending on the color of
the girl we choose.  Instead of going to school and telling their friends about their favorite gifts from Christmas,
they all went and talked about the puppy they are getting.
Tom and I are so glad that we found you and can't wait to hear how Java is doing. Take care.
At the Ducks Unlimited annual fundraiser, our 8 week old yellow female raised  a record amount of $1200
for the club. Ducks Unlimited is the largest  soil and water conservation group in the USA!
We have donated to Ducks Unlimited in Bristol 8 years in a row!!

Please make a donation in any $$$ amount to Ducks Unlimited in Naples New York!!
We are having fun with Cooper! He loves toys and driving Trixie and our cats crazy. He's doing
pretty well on the housebreaking and after a couple tough nights has been sleeping much better in
the crate. The boys both love him and Colin and I are already working with him on some basic
commands. I got a cute picture tonight so I thought I would share.